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Get Fit. FOREVER. Get Healthy. FOREVER. Get Strong. FOREVER.

Bedfordview, Johannesburg

Centrifugal Fitness & Health is dedicated to a no shortcut approach to long-term health and fitness. We understand the every client is unique and has a different vision for themselves. In the long term, group training is just not effective. We offer every client tailored, individual programming and nutritional advice, giving them their best chance of reaching and exceeding their personal goals.

Gone are the days of utilizing complicated spreadsheets to prepare & track workouts. Here at CFH, we embrace the modern power of the leading online personal training platform – fitbot. Trusted by over 3,000 coaches and gym owners worldwide, fitbot does all the heavy lifting for you. Delivering your individualized workouts & tracking your progress all from the comfort of your mobile browser.

Improve your 5km

Improve your 5km

Already running or thinking about running your first 5K? This program will help you build your aerobic base, gain strength and have a good time doing it.


Your summer body starts now

Your summer body starts now

Follow your customized program as it is designed and intended for a 16 week period for guaranteed results. Or we will refund your entire investment in the training program!


Get your first pull-up

Get your first pull-up

If you haven’t quite mastered that elusive strict pull-up. Or maybe you only have one or two reps despite your best efforts? Then give this free program a try.


  • Individual Program Design towards Health & Body Composition
  • Sports Specific Individual Program Design
  • Individual Program Design for Competative Athletes
  • Remote / Online Coaching
  • Sports Nutrition & BLG’s
  • Personal Training
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • InBody Assessments
  • Body Transformation
  • Childrens Fitness


I’ve been doing crossfit going on 5 years. The only time I felt any change in my body and training was when I started working with Pierre. The team at CFH are so knowledgeable and are always bettering themselves in order to bring out the best in all their athletes.
– Jamy-Lee Rahme

From the first moment I walked in and met Pierre I knew I was in good hands. From the individual assessment to your unique program, meeting your exact specifications on what you need – it’s all appropriately included with one goal in mind – improvement
– Dricia Dahmija

Beginning individual training and learning about the BLG’s my wife and I have adapted our diets accordingly. The most surprising change is that we no longer crave take outs or processed meals, we rather choose to cook and make our meals at home. The food tastes better, is higher quality and is great value for money!
– Wesley Jonsson

Everything about training with Pierre and Natalie is on a higher level of excellence than anything I’ve ever experienced. The results truly speak for themselves.
– Travis Kriel

Individual Program Design

Group-based fitness models and training templates written for the masses eventually stop working because they are missing all the important specific and individual components achieved through accurate and appropriate litmus testing and training plans based on the data collected.


Personal Training

Individual Design isn’t for everyone. We get that. Natalie provides the support and guidance expected from a world-class trainer. With years of experience & knowledge, she provides what is needed to permanently obtain your Body Composition goals.


Remote Coaching

The beauty of modern technology allows Coach and Client to work together seamlessly without even having to be on the same continent. We have partners with The Fitbot to achieve the most streamlined online coaching experience available to anyone, anywhere.



On-Site Coaching

3 Sessions Per Week

  • Per Session

5+ Sessions Per Week

  • Per Session

Remote Coaching

3 Sessions Per Week

  • Per Session

5+ Sessions Per Week

  • Per Session

Personal Training

2 Sessions Per Week

  • Per Session

3+ Sessions Per Week

  • Per Session


Pierre Ferreira

Owner / OPEX Associate Coach

I started my coaching journey almost ten years ago. Working in and falling in love with the CrossFit method. Having eventually opened my own affiliate, and competing at a high level. Was fortunate enough to compete several times regionals, as an individual. And earning a African Regional Brone medal on the podium as a team, in 2012.

My journey led me to being coached on an individual basis. Which led me to realize how little I actually knew. The years that followed has been such an adventure of learning and applying all that I’ve learnt. This obviously meant that over time I had to change a lot of my approaches, as I learnt more and increased as a coach. My methods and techniques keep upgrading, but my focus will always be the human in front of me.

One certainty that I have, my continuous education will mean that I constantly upgrade my approaches. My journey so far has led me to:

CrossFit Certifications

  • CF-L1
  • CF Gymnastics
  • CF Weightlifting
  • CF Strongman
  • CF Movement and mobility
  • CF Endurance

OPEX Level 1 – Associated Coach

  • Assessment L1 + L2
  • Program Design L1 + L2
  • Nutrition L1 + L2
  • Life coaching / consulting L1 + L2
  • Business system L1

Natalie Irvin

Opex CCP Level 1 Coach & Nutritional Consultant

Before being introduced to CrossFit®, I was overweight, unhealthy and extremely unfit. But with perseverance and determination I managed to loose a significant amount of weight, improved my general health to the extent that I no longer needed to take various prescription medications, had way more energy and even changed my career from teacher to coach. In 2010 I became both, a Level 1 CrossFit® Trainer, as well as a CrossFit® Kids Coach. Through my participation in CrossFit® I went from desperately unfit to being part of the South African Team that took part in the CrossFit® games. This will always be one of the most memorable and exciting things I have ever done.

I am currently an OPEX CCP Level 1 coach – on Journey. With the knowledge I have gained from this programme and my commitment to continual learning, I am able to assess, consult and design individualised programmes to suit your specific needs and abilities and am qualified to offer quality nutritional guidance. With all of these tools and my own personal experiences I am able to help others to overcome their limitations, to achieve their full physical potential and to create healthy and fulfilled clients

Embody the philosophy of training for life.
Rather than living to train.


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